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This contract is on one side; …………… (Hereinafter referred to as LESSOR in the contract.)  with on the other side; BG SEYAHAT TURİZM BİLİŞİM VE İLETİŞİM TEKNOLOJİLERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter referred to as the TENANT) under the following conditions, the parties have agreed to rent the immovable property belonging to the Lessor (hereinafter referred to as VILLA or VILLA …….) to third persons or persons for the purpose of providing accommodation services.




By the tenant or tenant's sub-agencies, to which the Lessor is entitled ………………………… VILLA located at ……………. '.. under the conditions specified in this contract, leasing the villa for the purpose of providing daily / weekly / monthly holiday accommodation services to consumers, promoting the villa on online platforms accessible by consumers and paying the rental revenue to be obtained in the form and conditions specified in this contract and the rights and obligations of the parties are the subject of this contract.




3.1. From the date of signing this contract, Tenant VILLA ……… ……. will lease third parties as a sub-tenant for a monthly / yearly period, collect the rental fees and implement all kinds of measures and requirements that make the rental efficient.

3.2. The tenant will rent the Villa subject to the contract by taking the opinion of the Lessor and establishing sub-tenancy to third parties. Tenant within the framework of this contract; Reservation transactions with third parties; Within 2 (two) days following the reservation process, the tenant and the other person who will stay will notify the lessor about the information, rent payment information and other matters.

3.3. The tenant shall pay 85% of the rental fee collected through sub-lease to the Lessor at the latest until the day the sub-tenant enters the Villa.

3.4. The tenant does not guarantee that he will provide a sub tenant / customer for the Villa subject to the contract. If the customer requests a villa service, an accommodation reservation is created. However, the tenant can advertise on online platforms in order to reserve the villa.




4.1. The Lessor is obliged to provide the Tenant with all necessary information about the villa.

4.2. Lessor,  accepts  all visual, written and audio advertisements and promotions displayed on the tenant's own website and on the sites of the sub-agencies and all other online platforms for the leasing of VILLA ……..

4.3. If the Lessor wishes to close by blocking a certain date range within the term of this contract, he must immediately inform the Lessee in writing. In the event that the Tenant reserves those dates before the blocked request date, the Lessor is not allowed to block those dates. However, if the tenant performs the reservation without notifying the Lessor, the Tenant will be responsible for any damages that may arise.

4.4. In contracts to be made with different agencies, the renter is bounded  by the villa prices that are an annex to this contract. The daily rental fee of the villa is fixed to the lower tenants and different prices cannot be given to different agencies. Otherwise, the Lessor is liable to cover the damages incurred by the tenant or the tenant's sub-agencies.

4.5. The lessor is obliged to keep the villa safe and suitable for use throughout the contract period. In the event that the villa or its extensions (pool, garden, etc.) are prevented from staying in the villa or the use of the customer is interrupted due to the fault of the Lessor, the daily accommodation fee and other expenses are deducted from the price to be paid to the Lessor.

4.6. The lessor has accepted that the tenant's company information will be found on the social media where the villa will be advertised, and the lessor's name or title will not be found.

4.7. The lessor is obliged to carry out the maintenance, repair and renovation works of the villa within the rental period.

4.8. The lessor himself will pay for city water, electricity and all other related subscription fees, cleaning / cleaning company fees, laundry / dry cleaning fees.

4.9. The lessor himself will have insurance to guarantee the villa against possible fire situations. It will be used to compensate and compensate the damages that customers may incur.

4.10. The lessor cannot start the renovation, maintenance, repair and construction works while the guest are in the villa. Regular maintenance (painting etc.) is planned together with the tenant.

4.11. The lessor is responsible for operating the villa during the rental period. The lessor can appoint a manager to take care of the needs and requirements of the villa.

4.12. The lessor  will provide a hair dryer, baby bed and high chair for the villa.

4.13. The lessor will ensure the cleaning of the villa and meet the needs of towels and linens before the rental period of the customer, which is reported by the tenant. Linen change is planned once a week, and towel change is planned twice a week.

4.14. The lessor is responsible to provide  necessary conditions a proper use of the pools, adjusting the water level and cleaning of the pool water.




Lessor, right owner VILLA …….  declares that the features of Villa written on the technical specification that is an annex to this contract are fully right and true.

The list of seasonal daily rental rates of the villa is also an annex to this contract.




6.1. There is a smoke alarm in the villa and its extensions. If the villa has more than one floor, there is an alarm in each stairwell, in the kitchen next to the stove and the device will be tested periodically and its battery will be checked.

6.2. There is a carbon monoxide detector in the villa and its annexes. It is located at least one meter from the stove in every room and common areas, in the kitchen and the device will be tested periodically and its battery will be checked.

6.3. There is a fire extinguisher tube in a visible area in the kitchen and will be maintained annually.

6.4. There are handrails on the stairs in the villa and its extensions, and a railing in the balconies and terraces.

6.5. The electrical fuse box in the villa is clearly indicated.

6.6. The depth information of the pool belonging to the villa, slippery ground, no diving signs are kept in a visible place and manner. Pool water filling room and pool chemicals are kept securely and locked up at all times.



This lease contract consists of 7 (seven) main articles and their annexes…. /…. / In 2024,

And issued as  2 original copies having  4 (four) l pages and  signed altogether.


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